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Screenshots of the Install Builder

Here are some screenshots of the install builder running under Windows:

InstallBase has a very powerful install builder that allows for maximum customization as well as ease-of-use.

The following are screenshots from the as-yet-unreleased version 1.0a6 of InstallBase. Please check back for the release very soon. -- October 15th, 2004

These are screenshots from the old builder and the Classic Wizard install theme.

This is the main window that allows you select an existing install project or create a new one.

Once a project has been created, the build window allows to go through each of the different pieces of the install step-by-step and customize the settings.

This screen shows the main information for the install.

This screen shows some preferences that are available for each install.

Files can be added and deleted from the File Group screen.

Each component specifies which file groups are included in it.

Install components are extra pieces that can be installed after file installation.

Each pane of the install can be completely customized, right down to the actual code that creates it.

Here is an overall screenshot of building an install (click to enlarge).

Screenshots of A Sample Install

Here are some screenshots of the install running under Windows:

These screenshots are from the Classic Wizard theme. InstallBase supports the ability to have many different install themes. Each install created can choose the theme it wishes.

This is by no means a complete showing of all the panes available in this theme.

A good, old-fashioned welcome screen. Very familiar-looking.

Let the user choose the destination to install to.

A summary window before the real work begins.